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I love CoolCar Ceramic. I highly recommend this product for any restoration or Hot rod build.  It really cut the heat from the big block motor coming through the firewall and from the 3” exhaust system that is so close to the floor because it runs through the frame.

             SCOTT GAFFORINI - (NASCAR driver)

We coated the entire interior of the cockpit, and a couple of places in the engine of my number 38 car with CoolCar Ceramic.  Over all it took about 50 degrees off of the cockpit temperature.  Any driver knows that gives us the advantage in a long race.   


We averaged 20 mils coverage throughout the interior of the car. (Ceiling, interior doors, floor boards and fire wall.) We applied approximately 30 mils to the cowl. Testing showed a reduction of the cowl temperature of 10f degrees even though the engine was 12f degrees warmer than base line test. Testing also showed a decibel reduction of 12 decibels.bels.

1965 CORVETTE - Atlanta, GA .

Owner says it was so hot in the car he didn't even know it had air conditioning. Removed the seats, pulled back the carpet , took off the door panels, then applied Ceramic coating to the metal, replaced door panels, carpet, seats. Now the owner says he hardly has to ever run the air.


Reports having a ‘32 Ford 2 door sedan which is painted black with the inside coated with Ceramic coating, being driven to the Salt Flats. Outside temperature was 102 degrees. Inside car temperature was 85 degrees.

39 CHEVY   

We had the opportunity to use CoolCar Ceramic Insulation on a ‘39 Chevy that was built in my shop. We sprayed the entire inside of the car. CoolCar worked great and was easy to install. CoolCar reduced firewall temperature from the motor, and the all-around temperature inside the car enough that you could actually feel the difference. We also made some heat shields under the car to prevent exhaust from heating the gas tank and fuel pump. One side of the heat shields were coated with CoolCar. The side that was coated was cold, literally, the other side was as hot as the exhaust. This product is awesome. I am so longer using old-school undercoating or expensive matting. This shop uses Coolcar Insulation because it really works.


We first heard about CoolCar Ceramic from a customer. He was looking for a way to cool the inside of his 1936 Ford Coupe that we were in the process of building. We prepped the inside of the coupe and sprayed four gallons on the inside. The other two gallons were sprayed on the underside of the front and rear fenders and the running boards. After the car was sprayed, we pushed it out in the sun one day while we were moving cars around. It was sitting next to a 1965 Ford falcon that was complete and waiting to be picked up. When we started to position the vehicles back in the shop, I noticed the temperature on the ceiling o f the 1936 Ford coupe was about thirty degrees cooler than the 1965 Ford Falcon. This was proof to me the product works. I would recommend this product to anyone.

GIL BAUMGARTNER - (Classic Birds - Thunderbirds)

The need of good insulating and sound deadening material is very apparent in the early Thunderbirds. The reports I have received from those that have used CoolCar Ceramic are definitely positive If it is half as good as reported, it is better than anything we have used in the past.


I used your product and I am very pleased with the results.  This is a fiberglass 37 Chevy Coupe street rod, when the windows are rolled up, it is as quiet and comfortable as my son’s Mercedes.  I also have a friend with a 37 ford fiberglass coupe and when we put your product on his car a few years ago he was very skeptical until he left the car out in the son to dry the day he sprayed it.  When he went to push it in the garage and noticed that the roof and other panels were to hot to touch from the sun, but the interior areas were very comfortable to the touch, needless to say he became a believer.