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About Capstone Mfg.


Located in Seattle, Washington, Capstone Manufacturing engineered the CoolCar Ceramic Insulation product in 1996 and has improved on its formula . CoolCar Ceramic is backed with 15 years of industry experience.

CoolCar Ceramic provides a top-notch, affordable solution to your classic car's insulation and acoustical needs.  Great customer support, and prices that can't be beat!

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, CoolCar Ceramic has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

About CoolCar Ceramic

CoolCar Ceramic is a unique product, designed to provide acoustical and thermal insulation for the inside of vehicles of every type and kind, from antique cars to street rods and pick up trucks, buses to coaches. CoolCar Ceramic is made up of microscopic, air-filled, ceramic and silicon beads which are held in suspension by resin binders. CoolCar Ceramic can insulate from the cold as well as heat, while also reducing noise.  Because CoolCar Ceramic  adheres directly on the the structure of the body, an added benefit is that it protects the substrate surface from moisture and corrosion. CoolCar Ceramic can withstand temperatures up to 500F/260C.

     CoolCar Ceramic standard color is black so it can be used not only on the inside of the vehicle, but also on the under side of fenders and as an undercoating for insulation and acoustical benefits.


CoolCar Insulates:            Acoustical Benefits:


1. Firewall                             1.  Quiets Road Noise                       

2. Floors                                2.  Reduces Fender Noise

3. Doors                                 3.  Enhances Audio Systems

4. Headliners

5. Hoods                                                        

6. Wheel Wells 

7.  Undercoating 

8. Fuel Tanks                                                       


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